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Random Tidbit About Me #1


When a man goes out of his way to hold a door open for me, I think he would be an easy pet to train.

Or… He may simply be a gentleman.

  1. haversackers reblogged this from girlsrule-subsdrool and added:
    Or… He may simply be a gentleman.
  2. pervy-puppy said: I think it’s just common courtesy and respect. Maybe thats just the way I was brought up though… I always hold the door open, be it for a woman, man, child, elderly or alien :P ~pup
  3. spankky2110 said: I always hold the door open for my goddess
  4. straightestlines said: Ah, that’s just how we lure you in - little bit of chivalry to tempt you but still hard to break :)
  5. girlsrule-subsdrool posted this
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